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Rick Dunham
President & CEO

Nonprofit organizations today are facing challenging times, operating within a rapidly changing, highly competitive, and complex environment.

They find themselves in a “new normal” in which they can no longer assume donors will continue to support their organizations.  This makes it much more challenging for charities as many find a significant gap between their current resources and the funding that’s required to achieve their vision, i.e., the IMPACT GAP.

Dunham+Company recognizes the challenges nonprofits face in producing the funding required to sustain the flow of revenue.  They partner with nonprofits, helping them become more effective so they can produce a greater impact on their cause.

They do this through a unique approach, which has taken the discipline of fundraising and supporter development to a whole new level.

First, they understand that to develop the most effective fundraising strategy, it is imperative to have a properly built “Brand Strategy” that identifies the organization’s unique DNA—its point of difference.  This not only empowers their fundraising messaging, but also provides critical clarity that informs the direct response strategy and the supporting tactics.

Secondly, just as they understand the need to discover an organization’s true differentiator, they also understand there’s a complexity of issues that a nonprofit must address in order to build and effectively execute the right fundraising strategy that will result in streams of donated revenue.

Dunham+Company has over 30 years of experience in direct response fundraising as well as the full scope of development disciplines that are necessary to build a sustainable and scalable fundraising program.

Finally, they have the systems and skills to effectively and efficiently bring their fundraising strategies to market.  From cost-efficient print buying and production, to media buying, SEO/SCO and other social media applications, as well as the full scope of creative services, Dunham+Company understands what it takes to bring effective fundraising strategies to life… all on time and in budget.

When you merge these three qualities with their holistic and customized approach to client needs, it creates a powerful combination: messaging and strategies with deeper insight and the ability to execute both with precision.  That’s not only impact, it’s a partnership.  Helping ministries fulfill their vision to effectively transform lives… for eternity.  And that’s a great cause.