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Doug_058720v2.jpgDouglas Shaw & Associates (DSA) is a West Chicago based community of 65 gifted strategists, researchers, consultants, experts in media syndication, online and creative and many other people committed to impacting the world with the message of Christ's love.

Hope is the motivator for this group. "We have the honor and privilege of serving broadcast ministries in a way that gives them hope through providing services to increase their income for ministry," says Doug Shaw, Chairman and CEO.

"We were bought with a price," Shaw says, "So we take our servanthood very seriously." Even in these recessionary times, DSA has been able to help broadcast ministries succeed like:

Compassion Radio: with Norm Nelson
Ligonier Ministries: with Dr. R.C. Sproul
Moody Church Ministries: "Running to Win" with Pastor Erwin Lutzer
Phil Waldrep Ministries: Living With Joy (Premiering in October 2009)
Revive Our Hearts: with Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Walk in the Word: Pastor James MacDonald

While every ministry is different, DSA brings fundraising strategies, on-air offer development and program syndication that have produced some rather exceptional results during tough economic times:

  • New donors and product buyers have increased by 121%
  • Net income per new donor has increased by 420%
  • Total net income from new donors has increased by 154%
  • Donor retention has increased by 10%

Doug Shaw currently serves as a Board Member for NRB. You can reach Douglas Shaw & Associates by contacting SVP Michael Johnson at:
(630) 562-1321 or on the web at: