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Bobbye Brooks & Tonilee Adamson

Daily Disciples Ministries, Inc., founded by Bobbye Brooks and Tonilee Adamson in 2004, is a women’s non-profit based in San Diego, California. Bobbye and Tonilee started Daily Disciples in their home church writing and teaching Bible studies. What began as a small church study soon grew into a larger outreach to the community. Daily Disciples now reaches countless people on a global scale, being one of the first women’s ministries to utilize the power of Internet communication.

Bobbye and Tonilee began an online daily devotional for their women’s ministry several years ago that today has expanded to the world. Online radio and video programs led to a greater outreach as churches, small groups and other organizations began subscribing to their online materials. Their Bible studies are taught in person and via a “live” online webcast. As the webcasts are video-taped, all of the Bible study participants receive a video link to watch the teaching at any time during the study. With this technology, Bobbye and Tonilee have taught women throughout the United States and other countries.

In addition to ongoing Bible studies, Bobbye and Tonilee host a weekend live radio program called The Way for Today on KPRZ 1210AM in San Diego. This program is posted on several online radio websites, as well as www.dailydisciples.org. Daily Disciples Ministries is committed to helping women learn how to apply the word of God to their lives on a daily basis through every resource available. The mission of the ministry is two-fold: evangelism and discipleship. Live events, conferences, and women’s retreats support this mission as Bobbye and Tonilee teach about real-life application of biblical principles.

As the industry changes, Daily Disciples Ministries continues to capitalize on the latest technologies that increase the opportunities for global expansion of the Gospel. All of their materials are formatted for electronic distribution and instant download. With the advent of Social Media, Bobbye and Tonilee believe the avenues are endless for reaching those who need to know the love of Christ and the saving knowledge of Him.