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MoneyLife Podcast
August 2nd
The Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible: Are You On a Mission?
August 1st
The Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible: Robbing God
July 31st
The Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible: Too Many Resources
July 30th
The Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible: Can't Buy Me Love
July 29th
The Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible: Debt
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Chuck Bentley
CEO & MoneyLife Host

Crown Financial Ministries’ daily 24.30 MoneyLife program helps listeners discover how God relates to their money and their lives, addressing the challenging issues that are confronting them today.  The program gives help, hope and insight to the listeners as they learn to fulfill God’s purposes for their lives in the ways that they make and manage their money.

Each week, MoneyLife examines current, relevant themes from a biblical perspective and explores the practical, emotional, and relational impacts of life issues. Crown uses stories to help people learn with both their minds and hearts, following the Lord’s example. Featured guests are subject matter experts and everyday people with a compelling story to share – people who’ve lived out or lived through the topic under discussion. Their stories highlight the difference God makes when money and life decisions are submitted to Him.

MoneyLife’s host and Crown’s CEO, Chuck Bentley, addresses topics related to life-stage decisions and shifting economic realities and focuses on the emotional connection of biblical truth with its practical application.  MoneyLife provides the biblical filter through which to process the financial uncertainty of our times.

Sharon Epps, Crown’s EVP of Content & Media, frequently joins Chuck in the studio to address these issues from the perspective of a financial counselor, professional executive, wife and mom.

MoneyLife encourages listeners to ask questions online via “Ask Chuck” at www.crown.org.   Crown Financial Ministries also provides the opportunity to connect with online volunteer Money Map coaches for individual help and direction at crown.org.

In addition to the half-hour program, Crown Financial Ministries airs a 2-minute program, My MoneyLife, which offers short, compelling practical truths and tips extracted from MoneyLife.

You may listen to previous broadcasts of MoneyLife and My MoneyLife at www.crown.org/media.