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Dr. Randy Weiss
Founder and Host

CrossTalk International is a ministry founded by Jewish believer Dr. Randy Weiss. Randy has been serving the Christian broadcast industry since the early 1970's and has hosted CrossTalk TV since 1994. His traditional Jewish upbringing, coupled with multiple graduate and post graduate degrees, has uniquely prepared him for educating the Church about the Jewish roots of Christianity through the radio and TV outreaches of CrossTalk. Jesus radically changed the life of a drug pushing rock and roll musician. As a result, Dr. Weiss radically expresses the truth that Jesus is still in the life-changing business. The music, literature, and video presentations produced by Dr. Weiss are distributed around the globe.

In addition to TV specials about the biblical Jewish festivals, CrossTalk also presents an intense focus on Israel. To the Jew first—but also to the Gentiles! Randy is fully committed to Christian missions. The CrossTalk International Ministry Alliance (CIMA) has devoted dozens of weekly television shows to spotlight international mission organizations such as Wycliffe Bible Translators, Gospel For Asia, and World Missionary Evangelism. Through CIMA, CrossTalk has built and sustains an active leprosy clinic in India and sponsors a myriad of native missionaries who spread the Gospel, plant Christian churches, and make disciples—fulfilling the Great Commission.

The weekly 28:30 television program produced by EICB productions (Excellence In Christian Broadcasting) can be seen on networks like Legacy TV, TLN, INSP, Cornerstone, TCT, Impact TV, Almavision, and GCN. The CrossTalk radio program can be heard on the Calvary Satellite Network on Sundays at 4PM EST.
CrossTalk launched its second weekly TV program, Today With God (also produced by EICB) in 2007. This dynamic series utilizes the theatrical release versions of the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of John, and the Acts of the Apostles as produced by the Visual Bible. Dr. Weiss serves as a tour guide through the Scriptures in bite-sized chunks helping the viewer find the context of the biblical drama without denominational bias. His belief is that God can speak for Himself. For that reason, Today With God has been translated into various languages and is broadcasting around the globe so viewers can see, hear, and understand the Gospel of God's love. In the USA, Today With God can be seen on Legacy TV, Cornerstone, TLN, TBN, and GCN.