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Responding to the poverty which is ravaging many areas of the world—victimizing families, children, and the elderly—Cross International provides relief and development to aid the poorest of the poor world-wide in the name of Jesus.

Cross International was on the ground in Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake and continues to provide supplies and assistance in the rebuilding process (more than $5 million in cash gifts and nearly $72 million in material aid).  

In over 24 countries world-wide, Cross International’s method of outreach is the same: locating needy church-based ministries already serving the poor and helping to distribute material aid through their existing programs.  Emphasis is placed on programs that help individuals and communities become self-sufficient, effectively breaking an ingrained cycle of poverty that plagues many parts of the developing world.  

Other distinctives of Cross International are:

Assisting the poor through Christian churches - Thousands of churches in developing countries already run programs to aid the poor, including orphanages, clinics, schools, job training centers, and home-building ministries. These organizations simply lack resources. By supplying the existing ministries with the commodities they want to distribute, Cross International can effectively double or triple their impact and outreach to the poor. This strategy also empowers local pastors, helping them spread the Gospel to those who need it most.

Providing cost-effective material aid - Many charities send money to ministries overseas, sometimes administering programs through their own bureaucracies, but this strategy is rarely cost-effective. Churches in developing countries are rarely able to purchase the items they need at competitive prices. Cross International often meets a ministry's needs by either obtaining goods as in-kind gifts or by shopping the world market and shipping commodities in bulk, resulting in significant savings … in some cases, ten times the goods at the same cost.

We employ a holistic and community-oriented strategy to help the poor. Some charities rely too heavily on a "Santa Claus" approach to providing the poor with aid. Instead, Cross International locates communities in which it can provide a sustained outreach with achievable goals. Our intent is to build up local communities, empower local church leaders and assist the poor in ways which will help them break the cycle of poverty…a "hand-up," not a "hand-out."

We create a true exchange between the Churches of developed and developing worlds. Scripture says many of the poor are blessed with great faith. This gift has tremendous spiritual value, but few Christians in modern societies have experienced its power. Cross International believes that a profound exchange is possible and encourages visits to spiritually rich developing countries.

More than 80 Christian radio stations, networks and hosts across the U.S. have inspired their listeners to help needy families around the world through Cross International, including Bott Broadcasting, WAY-FM, WAVA, KKLA, The Fish in Atlanta and Cleveland, and a host of others.  To discover how your station can carry out the Great Commission and serve as God’s instrument of mercy to slums in Haiti, orphanages in Africa and beyond, please contact Rhonda Gonsalves at Cross International.