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Dr. D. James Kennedy

Nearly one million people watch, listen, or log on to the media outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries every week. The Coral Ridge Hour, its weekly television program; Truths That Transform, its daily radio broadcast; its award-winning website,; and the print and video resources produced by Coral Ridge Ministries are all touching hearts and minds across America.

Here is one account of how God is using His Word through Coral Ridge Ministries to transform lives:

“I tuned in one morning to Dr. Kennedy and his amazing sermon touched my intellect first (which kept me listening) and my heart shortly after. I listened to him for two years. I can truly see that God had put me in that horrible work situation to allow Dr. Kennedy to lead me to Him.”

The late Dr. D. James Kennedy, one of the most influential Christian leaders of the late 20th century, founded Coral Ridge Ministries in 1974. His passion was to bring the light of Christ into the lives of people everywhere. Dr. Kennedy believed that since the Bible speaks to all of life, the light of Scripture should go into every corner of American  culture – entertainment, news media, and politics.

Coral Ridge Ministries seeks to continue that pattern for ministry every day through its programming, including special documentaries like the recently released Freedom to Kill, Global America, and Radical Islam on the March. [Coral Ridge Ministries’ documentaries are available to NRB members for re-air at no cost. Please contact Shirley Mayhue at (954) 771-7858.]

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Robert Knight
Senior Writer

In addition, our Senior Writer and Washington, D.C. Correspondent, Robert Knight, gives trenchant and well-informed commentary online at and on our broadcast outlets.

Coral Ridge Ministries is now developing a second television program to air in addition to the ministry’s flagship program, The Coral Ridge Hour. The new program, Cross Examine, will be a half-hour TV newsmagazine program featuring the Truth Project’s Del Tackett as co-host. Cross Examine is scheduled to launch in 2010.

Through the years, Coral Ridge Ministries and Dr. Kennedy have been recognized with numerous NRB awards, including Program Producer of the Year (1998), the Award of Merit (1987), and Dr. Kennedy's induction into the NRB Religious Broadcasting Hall of Fame (2005). Coral Ridge Ministries also adheres to the highest financial standards and is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).