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Dr. M. G. "Pat" Robertson
Founder and Chairman

For 50 years, Pat Robertson and the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) have spread the Gospel to the farthest corners of the globe.  Through God’s great faithfulness and the generous support of CBN partners, CBN has grown from a single television station into a global ministry.

Playing a highly important role in that effort is CBN WorldReach.  From its modest beginnings in 1995, CBN opened a small office in the Philippines with the goal of mirroring CBN’s domestic ministry in a different culture.  Today, the Good News is proclaimed in 227 nations and territories, with programs translated into 106 languages.

But the story is just beginning.  With its flagship television program, The 700 Club, still going strong after four decades on the air, CBN is dedicated to expanding the Gospel message into new frontiers by using the latest technology.

Despite the accelerating rate of change in technology, CBN must remain relevant for the next generation.

CBN is launching a redesigned website that will harness the full potential of what the Internet has to offer.  In addition to three online television channels and six online radio channels launched within the last two years, the “new” will feature several fresh initiatives.  Users can expect more translations and reading plans for its online Bible, a more robust mobile website, and an expanded social network community called myCBN.  There will even be a new Christian Country radio channel debuting this fall!

“Wherever there are eyes or ears, CBN needs to be there with a message of hope,” says CBN’s chief executive officer Gordon Robertson.

What lies ahead for the next 50 years?  God only knows, but as long as there are hurting people in this world, CBN will be reaching out to them with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.