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Campus Crusade for Christ


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Steve Douglass, President and Chairman of the Board
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Campus Crusade for Christ is an interdenominational organization committed to evangelism and discipleship. Founded by Bill and Vonette Bright in 1951, Campus Crusade has become one of the largest Christian organizations in the world, with more than 25,000 full-time staff members in 191 countries.

The organization is comprised of 29 different ministries, including outreaches to college students, high school students, professors, athletes, families, military, business professionals, executives, ambassadors, politicians and people living in the inner city.

Campus Crusade also has specific ministries to reach varying ethnicities including African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino and Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans.

Campus Crusade is the creator and distributor of JESUS, the most watched (6+ billion viewership) and translated (1,000+ languages) film of all time. Campus Crusade’s music ministry has performed on six continents and staff member Josh McDowell’s books have been translated into 85 languages.  There are more than 2.5 billion copies of The Four Spiritual Laws, likely the most widely distributed religious booklet in history.

Campus Crusade’s vision is to help build spiritual movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

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