Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson knows movements. He knows that leaders must provide a vision ... a spark. But he also knows that movements are built from the bottom up, not the top down. He saw it when he founded Prison Fellowship in 1977—believers and churches, rallying to take the Gospel into prisons around the world. And he’s seeing it again through BreakPoint and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview: Christians banding together to promote and defend the Christian worldview in the public square, shining the light of Truth into a darkening culture.

On the air and on the web, BreakPoint and the Colson Center continue to grow. Chuck’s four-minute daily BreakPoint radio commentaries are now heard on 1,392 outlets nationwide—an all-time high. The Point with John Stonestreet, aimed at younger Christians, airs on 749.

Working with able partners at Ambassador Advertising, Chuck Colson and John Stonestreet have also produced occasional radio specials aired nationwide. This fall, Chuck and John helped fuel the growing movement to re-establish ethical behavior in America by airing a special series with eight half-hour segments on Doing the Right ThingDoing the Right Thing is a six-part DVD exploration of ethics with Chuck, Princeton Professor Robby George, and former Fox newsman Brit Hume—dealing with the critical questions facing our nation: Are there objective moral standards? Can we know them? How do we live them out individually and corporately?

Chuck also airs his weekly Two Minute Warning video commentaries at (Which radio stations are free to carry and embed on their own websites). In this endeavor, his aim is the same as it is throughout BreakPoint and the Colson Center: To equip Christians to understand, live out, and defend the Faith in the public square.