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Ken Ham
Founder and President

Answers in Genesis (AiG), best known for its popular Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio, is a biblical apologetics ministry, equipping Christians to defend the Bible from the very first verse. Founded by Ken Ham in 1994, AiG promotes biblical authority in the culture (including the church), with a specific expertise in the area of origins and biblical history.

As a public school science teacher in Australia, Ken had become frustrated with the teaching of evolution as fact and founded a creation/apologetics ministry there. He and his family moved to the United States in 1987, when Ken joined the Institution for Creation Research in San Diego.

With the establishment of AiG in 1994, Ken and his family – along with the families of co-founders Mark Looy and Mike Zovath – moved to northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati) with a vision of building a museum that would, in a high-tech and entertaining way, share the history of the world as presented in the Bible. The Creation Museum’s emphasis would be on the Bible’s most-attacked book: Genesis. A highly evangelistic center, the world-renowned Creation Museum opened in May 2007, and within three years had welcomed its one millionth guest and attracted dozens of the world’s major media. Several salvation testimonies have also been received during this time.

Answers in Genesis conducts more than 250 teaching meetings each year, hosts an award-winning website, publishes a worldview magazine (Answers) that has grown to 70,000 subscribers, and produces the Answers radio program heard on more than 800 stations throughout the United States.