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Don’s wife, Cheryl, assists with production and distribution of Afterglow.  

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Don Johnson
Host & Producer

Don Johnson has been broadcasting Christ's message of love and life since he was 16. His media/youth ministry, called Teenagers For Christ, received national attention through two Associated Press stories and as a feature in Newsweek magazine. His radio productions have continued without interruption from then until now. He was the Producer/Host for Dr. Stephen Olford's Encounter radio program and did intros and closes for Dr. Adrian Rogers' Love Worth Finding radio and TV releases.

His current program, AFTERGLOW, is heard on over 100 stations in the United States and Canada, the Far-East, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and on the Internet worldwide.

AFTERGLOW offers a special blend of inspirational Christian music with carefully selected contemporary Christian music.  Don observes, “Music has always played a significant role in our world and national life.  Sacred music is an important part of this heritage.  Music has helped us find hope, encouragement, guidance, calmness and motivation.”  AFTERGLOW is designed to offer these qualities in each production.  “It can be the most relaxing, restorative hour of your day.  The noise and chaos can be shut out as you listen to music like you’ve never heard before,” Don says.

Stories of the origin of the great hymns, stories of the theme the music presents, and stories that enlighten and inspire are an integral part of AFTERGLOW's presentation.  One of the unique accomplishments of AFTERGLOW has been its acceptance on secular radio stations as well as Christian stations.  

AFTERGLOW has been the recipient of four national awards: The Award of Excellence from National Religious Broadcasters, two Silver Angel Awards from Excellence in Media in Hollywood, and the Covenant Award for outstanding national network-syndication inspirational program. Don received the 2002 Milestone Award from National Religious Broadcasters.