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A. Larry Ross
Founder and President

A. Larry Ross Communications (ALRC) is one of the nation’s most respected full-service public relations firms. Specializing in value-added, cross-over communications at the intersection of faith and culture, the firm projects client stories emanating from or targeted to communities of faith within the context of traditional news values. ALRC further fulfills its mission to restore faith in the media by providing authoritative source experts to give Christian messages values-added relevance and meaning in the mainstream press.
As seasoned public relations counselors with more than 35 years’ experience, ALRC practices public relations as a management function.  As such, they speak not only externally for the organizations they represent through traditional and social media, but also internally to leadership regarding media ramifications of considered actions.
Throughout their more than 17-year history, ALRC staff has developed solid professional contacts with international, national and local media representatives, both Christian and secular. Agency personnel have placed clients on virtually every major national radio and television program in the United States and in many foreign countries.
Unlike many other firms, ALRC is organically part of the Christian community, not on the outside looking in. This perspective and approach makes ALRC stand out for professionalism, personal involvement and sensitivity to the unique culture and needs of their clients. The agency becomes an extension of their clients’ impact and influence, with an understanding of their goals deepened by ALRC's own commitments.    
ALRC’s goal is not to manufacture an image for any client, but rather to establish and project an identity – which already exists – to a broadened group of target audiences. The firm measures success not in pounds of press clippings, but by their ability to effectively influence public opinion on behalf of their clients regarding important issues of faith and culture.