Benefits of NRB Membership

As the preeminent international association of Christian media professionals, NRB exists to serve our Members so that through them millions will hear, believe, and follow Jesus. As a result of your membership in NRB, you will gain creative, practical, and strategic training and support that will help you to utilize and maximize electronic media to reach the world for Christ.

Here are some of the significant ways in which NRB strengthens and supports your work:

NRB Membership Card Benefits

Your NRB membership card identifies you as an NRB Member and qualifies you to receive special discounts at NRB’s Convention.

  • It will identify you as an NRB Member at the Convention hotel and qualify you for special discounts.
  • You will receive a gift when you visit the Member Center and show your membership card!

International Christian Media Convention

  • As a Member of NRB, you will receive significant discounts on:
    • Convention registration
    • Exhibit space
    • Convention sponsorships
    • Convention specialty promotions
  • As a Convention attendee, you will be educated by established experts, entertained by nationally-known artists, and inspired by speakers who understand your heart for the Lord.
  • Nearly 200 exhibitors on our Exposition floor showcase what’s new and notable in the field of broadcasting services and ministry.

 Voting Privileges

  • Only NRB Members are allowed to attend NRB’s Annual Business Meeting and Full Members vote for NRB Leadership. Through your participation, you determine who will help us continue to advance biblical truth, promote media excellence, and defend free speech.

Business Related Benefits

  • Rate Discounts – NRB Member discounts on sponsorship opportunities, special promotions, and advertising in NRB publications save you money.

 Career/Employment Services

  • NRB website classified advertising as well as job announcement and resume postings on the Job Board at Convention are free to you as a Member.


  • Networking with other Christian communicators in your industry (Radio, Television, Church Media, Digital Media, Film, International, and University Faculty) allows you to build relationships and skills that will advance your ministry.
  • The NRB Music Licensing Committee negotiates directly with industry and government agencies, meaning you, as an NRB Member, have an advantage.

 Education & Training

  • NRB Advisory Councils — Open forums allow you to give input into NRB educational offerings.
  • Convention programs offer intensive educational opportunities that build skills fast!
  • Only NRB Full Members can be elected to association leadership roles. Serving is a great way to refine leadership skills while serving the community.

 NRB Healthcare Insurance Referral Program

  • Through advanced analysis of your existing program and current plan design, our partners, InterWest Healthcare Services and Incenta, strive to reduce your premiums and improve your coverage. 

 Special Opportunities

  • Annual Media Awards – An opportunity to showcase your innovations and productions in broadcast and new media and to be recognized by industry professionals.
  • President’s Council - You have the opportunity to join the NRB’s President’s Council. The President’s Council comprises visionary NRB Members who express their support through additional commitments of time, support, and financial resources.  The benefits include in-person and electronic legal briefings about the issues that matter most to Christian broadcasters, an "insider's" summit in Washington, D.C., and a special reception at Convention.
  • Individual Professional Membership – If you have completed an educational program and served in the field of Christian communication for five or more years, you are eligible to apply for a Full Individual Professional Membership, an enhanced Full Individual Membership. As an Individual Professional Member, you receive all the benefits of Full Individual Membership, plus:
    • A Membership card with the notation “Individual Professional Member”
    • Special designation at Convention on your name tag
    • A Professional Membership certificate
    • The opportunity to receive the Individual Professional Membership Award
    • The opportunity to impact the field of Christian communication through mentoring and service, a commitment required of Individual Professional Members

 Government Relations

  • Our Government Relations office represents your rights and interests in Washington, D.C., by maintaining important relationships with elected and appointed officials and by providing NRB Members access to those with influence and authority in government.
  • Among NRB's current legislative and regulatory priorities are:
    Broadcast Indecency Standards, Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Federal Election Communications Protections, Fairness Doctrine, Hate Crimes, International Religious Freedom, Internet Freedom, Localism/Media Ownership, Performance Tax, and Spectrum Rights.

    You will be given direct access to legislative information on these and other issues that affect Christian media and your ministry.

Member Alerts

  • In addition to ongoing representation in and information from Washington, you benefit from important “Member Alerts.” While policymaking in the capital often seems to slowly inch along, Washington can have a very fluid environment and sometimes tidal waves of change can mount swiftly. When faced with a major development likely to affect the ministries of Christian communicators, count on a “Member Alert” to give you the information you need to make your voice heard by legislators and regulators.


  • NRB TODAY - The weekly NRB Today e-newsletter keeps you updated on the latest news from the association and our Member organizations. The newsletter also serves as a source for tips, trends, and insights relevant to Christian communicators across the spectrum.  Topics include audience building, branding business strategy, innovation, leadership, marketing, social media, and web strategy. NRB Today also features occasional columns, movie reviews, and product reviews.

    As an NRB Member, your organization/ministry can submit press releases for consideration and/or be highlighted in the publication to heighten your visibility. You also receive significant discounts when you advertise in NRB Today or the other publications.
  • NRB MEDIA SOURCE - NRB Media Source provides news and information to Christian broadcasting and communications professionals. The stories featured tackle today’s most relevant issues, gathered from sources like the Associated Press, the New York Times, Financial Times, and leading industry publications. NRB Media Source is conveniently delivered to your inbox.
  • FREEDOM TODAY - Straight from NRB’s Government Relations Office, the Freedom Today e-newsletter provides a D.C. insider’s look at current public policy issues of concern for Christian communicators. In particular, you receive coverage of happenings affecting access to electronic communications and the defense of First Amendment freedoms near and abroad. Whether the action is in Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, or elsewhere in the political arena, Freedom Today provides key news and commentary simply and succinctly while also laying out clear directions if you want to dig further into the details.


  • Ultimate Guide - NRB provides its Members with opportunities for business growth and expansion with the industry’s most comprehensive online resource, the NRB Ultimate Guide of Christian Media & Broadcasting. This convenient web-based tool, found at gives you the ability to cut out the clutter of a general search engine and find vendors that are specifically looking for your business.

Standing Committees

  • As a Full Member of NRB, you can eligible to serve on one of its NRB Standing Committees.

    NRB Standing Committees are established to advance the overall mission of NRB and to serve the unique interests of specific constituencies, particularly church media, digital media, film, intercollegiate, international, music licensing, radio, and television.

    The Standing Committees apprise NRB of trends and news in their respective fields, and new Standing Committees are formed as emerging technologies and outreach opportunities develop.

    Among the ways Standing Committees render valuable and helpful assistance to the NRB are:

    1. Developing educational and training opportunities made available through NRB Conventions and other venues.

    2. Identifying and developing specific Member benefits that will strengthen our Members’ ability to fulfill their ministry purpose.

    3. Evaluating industry developments, trends, and technologies that may impact our Members’ ability to fulfill their mission.

    4. Providing relevant news and information for inclusion in NRB communication devices to keep our Members informed on important matters

For more information about these benefits, please email

We need you in our association.
"A cord of three strands is not easily broken" (Ecclesiastes 4:12).


Member Services

Membership in NRB will strengthen your work through the relationships, resources, training, and creative development opportunities we provide. Together we can reach the world for Christ.
We live in a day where the cause of Christ is under threat, seemingly from every quarter. Nowhere is this more true than in the arena of Christian broadcasting.
While Christian radio, television, and Internet broadcasters have tremendous influence in bringing the claims of Christ to a culture desperately in need of truth, there are dark and ominous clouds on the horizon. The designation of historic Christian teaching as hate speech, the demand that religious groups hire unbelievers in key staff positions, and the threat to statutorily re-impose the so-called Fairness Doctrine are all examples of significant contemporary threats to the interests of Christian broadcasters.
Since 1944, NRB has been in the forefront of the battle to keep the doors of electronic media open for the spread of the Gospel. As that battle continues to heat up, we continue to work diligently to protect and preserve the rights of Christian broadcasters. We do this in the halls of Congress, with regulatory agencies such as the FCC, and within the Executive Branch.
Our association of Christian broadcaster organizations works to preserve religious freedom and strengthen our members' efforts to proclaim the message of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.
Membership in NRB is not automatic. Not every Christian broadcaster is eligible to join our association. NRB maintains very high standards for ethics, integrity, and financial accountability. In addition, we have a thoroughly biblical Statement of Faith, which limits our membership to those who fully subscribe to the teachings of the historic Christian faith.

Benefits of NRB Membership

For those who qualify, here are some of the significant ways in which membership in NRB can strengthen your work:

  • Government Relations
  • Representing your rights and interests in Washington, DC
  • Maintaining important relationships with elected and appointed officials
  • Providing NRB member access to those with influence and authority in government
  • Partnership with one of the most prestigious communications law firms on Capitol Hill
  • Providing access to legislative information on issues affecting broadcasters
  • Communicating via conference calls with influential government officials


  • NRB Today-a members-only e-newsletter with up-to-the-minute news of interest
  • Complimentary use of NRB member logo (contact NRB Membership Dept,
  • Advertising opportunities

Annual Convention

  • Thousands of attendees
  • Nationally known speakers and music artists
  • 130,000 plus sq. feet exhibit arena
  • Multi-track education sessions


  • NRB Ultimate Guide for Religious Broadcasters
  • Exclusive research studies on issues and faith and family from The Heritage Foundation

Education & Training

  • Specific educational tracks-convention programs with intensive exposure to various themes
  • Archives of previous convention workshops


  • Interact and build relationships with other Christian communicators
  • NRB Music Licensing Committee negotiates with industry and government agencies
  • Additional committees (Radio, TV, Internet, Church Media, Film, International, iNRB) working on behalf of the needs of special interest groups within NRB's membership

Program Content

  • NRB provided PSAs
  • Research studies

Career/Employment Services

  • Free classified advertising on the NRB website
  • InterCristo career/employment service

We need you in our association... As the Scripture says: "A cord of three strands is not easily broken" (Ecclesiastes 4:12).