2014 Recipients

  • Church Media Award
    Best Video Production for Use in a Worship Service (large churches)   
    First Baptist Church, Wichita Falls
  • Radio Awards
    Radio Station of the Year   

    Radio Program of the Year   
    Parenting Today's Teens with Mark Gregston

    Radio Impact Award   
    Ambassador Advertising Agency

  • Television Awards
    TV Station of the Year - Full Power   

    TV Station of the Year - Low Power   
    theDove TV

    Best TV Talk Show   
    The 700 Club (The Christian Broadcasting Network)

    Best TV Teaching Program   
    Day of Discovery (RBC Ministries)

    Best TV Special Program   
    "The Miracle of Israel" (Jewish Voice Ministries International)

    Best TV Mixed Media Campaign   
    CBN Superbook DVD Club (The Christian Broadcasting Network)

    Best TV Public Service Announcement   
    GEB America ORU Faculty Series (Oral Roberts University)

    Best National TV Commercial   
    Amazing Facts Bible Prophecy (Amazing Facts Ministries)

    Best Creative Television Programming   
    Peculiar (Pup Tent Media)

  • Internet Awards
    Best Website   
    (Focus on the Family)

    Best Use of Social Media   
    www.answersingenesis.org (
    Answers in Genesis)

    Best Multichannel Initiative   
    www.lightsource.com (
    Salem Web Network)

  • International Awards
    International Individual Achievement Award
    David Mainse, Crossroads Television System

    International Radio Ministry Award
    Radio 7 - Albania

    International Television Ministry Award
    GOOD TV Broadcasting Corporation

    International Innovation Award
    Samadhan - CBN India

    International Strategic Partnership Award
    Project Hannah (TWR)

    International Impact Award
    Life Without Limbs

  • Special Service Awards
    NRB Hall of Fame Award: 
    Dr. Jack Hayford, The King's University

    William Ward Ayer Award for Distinguished Service
    Frank Pastore (posthumously), KKLA-FM

    Billy Graham Award for Excellence in Christian Communications
    In Touch Ministries

    Board of Directors Award
    Todd Starnes, Fox News

    Individual Professional Member Award        
    Phil Cooke, Cooke Pictures

    Milestone Award
    Guidelines International Ministries
    LIFE Outreach International Association of Churches
    Radio 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti
    Jerry Rose, Total Living Network
    Teen Challenge International USA