2013 Radio Awards

Radio Station of the Year: Encouragement-FM - KVNE

Encouragement-FM - KVNE

89.5 KVNE became the first Christian radio station in East Texas in October 1983, and immediately became an important part of its community. Today, the mission of 89.5 KVNE - Encouragement FM is to glorify God by encouraging people, connecting their community and pointing people to Jesus Christ. 89.5 KVNE also focuses on making a difference locally by working with area nonprofits to connect listeners with opportunities to serve their East Texas community.


Radio Program of the Year: The OneCry Prayer Summit (Moody Radio)

OneCry Summit
The OneCry Prayer Summit

On four consecutive Thursday evenings in May 2012, Moody Radio, in partnership with One Cry (www.OneCry.com), produced a series of live concert of prayer specials from the studios of Moody Radio called The One Cry Prayer Summit. Moody Radio Network, together with Ambassador Advertising and American Family Radio, brought together an unprecedented 461 broadcast outlets that carried this broadcast event, which was focused on seeking God for revival and spiritual awakening.

Since airing the One Cry Prayer Summit, OneCry has registered thousands of people who signed the “One Cry Declaration.” There have also been many One Cry events since May, including a prayer event in Charlotte, NC, representing 100 churches and attracting 9,000 to pray before the opening of the Democratic National Convention.


Radio Impact Award: In Touch Messenger MP3 Player Outreach (In Touch Ministries)

In Touch
In Touch Ministries

The In Touch Messenger is a solar-powered, hand-held, MP3-type player that contains the unique teaching ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley. This initiative began by loading 80 carefully chosen sermons onto the players and distributing them to the military through chaplains. Within a year, the decision was made to expand the distribution internationally through missionaries, ministries, and individuals traveling overseas. In Touch Ministries targeted specific groups to receive the players: new believers, non-believers, pastors with limited formal training, and unreached people groups.

As the initiative grew, 11 language versions were added, and the New Testament was also included on each unit. Recently, dual-language versions were prepared containing 67 powerful messages plus the New Testament in both languages on each unit. So far, by God’s grace, over 400,000 Messengers have been distributed in 130 countries.