Individual Achievement in International Broadcasting Award: Dr. Stoyko Petkov, Studio 865 (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Stoyko Petkov
Studio 865

Dr. Stoyko Petkov was born in 1966 into a Christian family in Bulgaria, where during the Communist regime his grandfather had been a preacher. Immediately after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, Stoyko Petkov founded Studio 865, a Christian media association, and it became the national partner of TWR for Bulgaria. Starting with the production of radio programs in the Bulgarian language, Studio 865 then established a Christian newspaper in 1994. In 1996 Roma (Gypsy) radio broadcasts were added and in the fall of 1998 Studio 865 initiated a weekly Christian TV program. Currently, Studio 865 is utilizing TV, radio, Internet, and printed media in order to encourage the Christian community in Bulgaria and to address the needs of those yet untouched by the Gospel.




International Radio Ministry Award: Radio Mosoj Chaski (Cochabamba, Bolivia)

Radio Mosoj Chaski
Cochabamba, Bolivia

Mosoj Chaski Radio (New Messenger Radio) has faithfully served its Quechua audience, of Bolivia and southern Peru, for over 12 years.  The Quechuas, descendants of the Incas, are animistic, and the church struggles with syncretism.  The geographical isolation of the rural churches presents unique challenges. Mosoj Chaski produces all its own programs contextualized for the needs of its audience.  The programs are broadcast 8 hours daily on its 90 meter SW frequency, and by 25 FM radio stations.  Their listening audience is both Christian and non-Christian.  Testimonies abound of people who have been spiritually blessed by Mosoj Chaski.




International Television Ministry Award: ERF (Germany)


"The broadcaster for a whole lifetime" is the slogan of ERF. The Christian media enterprise offers programming for both young and old. Established in 1959 as Evangeliums-Rundfunk ("Evangelical Broadcasting"), it started broadcasting the Gospel via radio in 1961. Now, a half-century later, ERF has expanded into television and the Internet. ERF’s 24/7 TV channel, ERF 1, can be seen across Europe via Astra digital satellite, offering a wide range of Christian programming for believers and pre-believers alike, including talk shows, documentaries, concerts, magazine programs, quiz shows, teaching, and drama. Financed solely through donations, ERF has an annual budget of 14.5 million Euros ($18.5 million).



International Innovation Award:

The approach is a process for Internet evangelism, with the purpose to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people by using the Internet, to connect the willing seeker with Christians (online) and to empower the local “churches” and Christians to disciple them (online and offline). This is all done in partnership with national partners, churches and individuals. In this whole process prayer is crucial. The dream of is a world with every single person having free access to the Gospel, knowing God, growing in Jesus, and sharing faith easily.



International Strategic Partnership Award: TWR


Speaking fluently in more than 200 languages and dialects, TWR exists to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Their global media outreach engages millions in 160 countries with biblical truth. For nearly 60 years, God has enabled TWR to help lead people from doubt to decision to discipleship. Together with international partners, local churches and other ministries, TWR provides relevant programming, discipleship resources and dedicated workers to spread hope to individuals and communities around the globe. Whether using high-powered AM, shortwave or FM radio, streaming content to Internet users or visiting face-to-face with listeners, TWR leaves a lasting spiritual footprint.




International Impact Award: Mission Network News

Mission Network News

Mission Network News (MNN) is a service of Cornerstone University. MNN is a daily news service dedicated to providing news and information that has an impact on the church. They inform people how current events are impacting people around the world, but more importantly, encourage Christians to get out of the pew and do something about it, whether it be by praying about it, financially contributing to the need, or actually going and helping physically and spiritually. MNN is heard on more than 1,000 radio outlets in 33 countries, and is translated into Spanish.