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Students had 36 hours to plan, write and produce either a 6 minute video or two :60 second audio spots based on the production theme: "It's Time to Wake Up"  It's time to wake up to prioritizing the pursuit of proclaiming the Gospel to children aged 4-14. Time to wake up to the fact that kids aged 4 to 14 are one of the least reached people groups. They are also the most likely to hold fast to the gospel of Christ, if we take the time to teach and disciple them. Historically, 80% of people who have accepted Christ made their decision between ages 4-14.   This video was used to help frame the theme.

The video teams needed to include three common elements in their production:
1) An intersection with stop light.
2) A frisbee.
3) A line of dialogue:" What you want to believe isn't always the truth."

The audio teams needed to include the same line of dialogue in one of their 60 second spots and then choose and use two SFX from a provided list for their productions.

The contests are open to all iNRB member schools. All participants must be iNRB/NRB members. Each school may enter more than one team, consisting of up to, and no more than, four members on each team. This is a unique student video/audio production competition.


Friends and Heroes logo.jpgWe wish to thank this year's sponsor for their support and encouragement to the students. Friends & Heroes Productions, Ltd., is an award-winning Christian creative production house based in the U.K. It produces the children’s animated series, “Friends and Heroes.”









36.DA Challenge Winners


36.DA First Place

Northwestern College (Josh Svendsen, Kim Davis & Lyssa Hester)

36.DA Second Place

North Greenville University (Josh Hipp & Emma Weisner)

36.DA Third Place

Mount Vernon Nazarene University- (Jayme McMillan, Stephen King & Dustin Mills)



North Greenville University 2
(Josh Hipp & Emma Weisner)

Northwestern College 2
(Keagan Blancke & Ross Hartman)

Northwestern College 1
(Keagan Blancke & Ross Hartman)