Individual Achievement in International Broadcasting Award: Doris Brougham, Overseas Radio & Television

Doris Brougham.jpg
Doris Brougham

Doris Brougham has been sharing God’s love in Asia for over 60 years.  Fondly known as Teacher Peng Meng-hui, Brougham is perhaps one of the most well-known English teachers to Chinese people worldwide.  Under Brougham, Overseas Radio and Television (ORTV) has grown into an international Christian media organization with more than 250 employees.  She continues to teach, produce, write, edit, consult, and speak.  With her guidance, ORTV has helped many Christian organizations and individuals across the globe.  



International Radio Ministry Award: Radio Shema (Ankara, Turkey)

Radio Shema
Ankara, Turkey

Radio Shema is one of two Christian radio stations in Turkey, a 98% Muslim country.  This fully legal station is located in the capital, Ankara. Shema reaches close to 7 million people via FM broadcast and has the potential of reaching Turks all over the world through their Internet stream.  Their vision is to reconcile people to God by presenting them with a true understanding about God and what He has done for us through Jesus Christ, and they do this by producing programming in Turkish for Turks.


International Innovation Award: Whistling Frog Productions, HCJB Global

HCJB WhistlingFrogProductions_International InnovationAward_Logo.jpg
Whistling Frog Productions
HCJB Global

Whistling Frog Productions has been HCJB Global's UK radio department since 1997. Their passion is to find opportunities to place ads, “God spots,” and features that tackle the bigger questions of life on commercial radio to reach a secular audience with Christian themes. Whistling Frog Productions reaches out to listeners who would otherwise never listen to spiritual talk. The award-winning production team is also involved in professional radio training, and they offer much of their material free to radio producers, churches and schools.


International Strategic Partnership Award: Jim Daly, Focus on the Family

Daly Jim.JPG
Jim Daly
Focus on the Family

Jim Daly assumed the Presidency of Focus on the Family in 2005 after 16 years with the ministry, including roles as Vice President of the International Division and as Field Director for Asia, Africa and Australia. Today, Focus on the Family’s global outreach efforts include offices in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan. Thousands of families each day are helped through radio programs, radio commentaries and curricula like How to Drug-Proof Your Kids.




International Strategic Partnership Award: Chuck Swindoll, Insight for Living

Insight for Living_International Impact Award_ChuckSwindoll.jpg
Chuck Swindoll
Insight for Living

Chuck Swindoll’s congregation extends far beyond the local church body. Through the Insight for Living broadcast, Chuck’s teaching is on the air in every major Christian radio market in all 50 states. It is also broadcast through more than 2,100 outlets worldwide in numerous foreign languages, and it is available to an exploding Webcast and podcast audience.