Individual Achievement in International Broadcasting Award: Rev. Allan McGuirl, Galcom International

Allan McGuirl.jpg
Allan McGuirl
Galcom Int'l

Rev. Allan McGuirl founded Galcom International in 1989 when God showed him that solar powered radios fix-tuned to Christian broadcasts could be distributed to unreached people groups marked by illiteracy and no access to electricity. Allan has faithfully served as International Director of the ministry for 20 years, mobilizing the church in the west to reach the unreached through Christian radio. He has partnered with ministries in over 125 countries with over 7 million people listening daily to the Gospel in their own language on Galcom radios. More than 750,000 radios have been distributed and more than 90 low-powered FM stations have been established through his ministry.



International Radio Ministry Award: Russian Christian Radio Center (Moscow, Russia)

Radio Center NEW LOGO.jpg
Radio Center
Moscow, Russia

Radio Center is the very first and most powerful Christian radio station in Russia and on the territory of the former USSR. This station was started March 1, 1992. The station's potential audience is about 50,000,000.

The station format is preaching and teaching and the program policy is geared toward non-believers and those searching for the meaning of life. The station language is Russian, but Radio Center is a Christian radio in Moscow with three hours of daily programming in English as well: According to the Moscow Local News Report, there are more than 500,000 English-speaking people residing in Moscow.


International Television Ministry Award: Alfa Omega TV (Romania)

Alfa Omega TV  logo - new.jpg
Alfa Omega TV

The first Christian satellite channel in SE Europe, Alfa Omega TV was launched in June 2006. It is a 24/7 satellite channel, and has international coverage: Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. While the main language of the channel is Romanian, Alfa Omega TV also encompasses segments in Bulgarian, Serbian, German, Hungarian languages, and also focuses on the gypsy minorities.

Alfa Omega has 15 years of heritage as a media producer and “content provider” in Romania and neighboring countries. As a native Eastern European media organization, Alfa Omega is using media both as a direct way to spread the Gospel, through TV and internet, and also to provide attractive content to local churches and to secular TV stations across Romania and Republic of Moldavia.


International Innovation Award: Friends and Heroes Production, Ltd.

Friends and Heroes logo.jpg
Friends & Heroes

Based in a fascinating and turbulent period of history, 69-71 AD, Friends and Heroes places Bible stories in a vivid historical context. It uses animated adventure stories to introduce a new generation of children to the stories of the Old and New Testaments in an appealing, fresh and memorable way.



International Strategic Partnership Award: June Hunt, Hope for the Heart

June Hunt.jpg
June Hunt
Hope for the Heart

Hope for the Heart is a worldwide biblical counseling ministry providing biblical hope and practical help in more than 22 languages and 60 countries.  June Hunt’s landmark work, The Biblical Counseling Library, is foundational to every area of ministry, including her two daily radio programs, Hope for the Heart and the live two-hour call-in counseling program, Hope in the Night.  The broadcasts are heard on more than 300 radio outlets across America and 100 stations internationally, where Hope is quickly expanding.




International Impact Award: Richard & Kathy McDonald, Believer's Express Service, Inc./Radio Kahuzi

Richard  Kathy McDonald.png
Richard & Kathy McDonald
Radio Kahuzi, BESI

Radio Kahuzi is a Christian radio station established by Richard & Kathy McDonald that has been broadcasting the Gospel from Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1991 on FM 91.1, ministering to a city of over 250,000 people in the Bukavu area with the potential audience of 3 million.

Richard and Kathy McDonald have uniquely impacted Congo through establishing the first non-government, Christian broadcasting network utilizing FM and Shortwave (along with distribution of 15,000 Galcom pre-tuned radios), text messaging, cell phone and live streaming via satellite programming.

Radio Kahuzi was named for Mt. Kahuzi, well-known home of the Silverback mountain gorillas in the Kahuzi National Game Park, which is the highest peak in Kivu Province.