Craig Parshall, General Counsel

The General Counsel's Docket is a collection of articles featured in past issues of NRB Today, the NRB's weekly e-newsletter, and contains information of importance to Christian communicators.

General Counsel's Docket

The Internet Road to Nowhere

The Internet Road to Nowhere

High Court: Handcuffs Off Public Prayer

Investigating Taxgate

Religious Rights on the Razor’s Edge


The New Inquisition

The Long Road to Religious Freedom

Public Prayer: High Court Parts the Curtain

Something significant happened last week when the Supreme Court considered the issue of public prayer: a few of the Justices gave Americans an unusually candid peek behind the judicial curtain, revealing some provocative opinions on the role of faith and the purposes behind the First Amendment’s religion clauses.

Whose Free Speech Is It Anyway?

Egypt: Lessons for American Freedom

The New Wall and Old Liberties

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