The John Milton Project for Free Speech is a venture of the National Religious Broadcasters and is a pioneering project that monitors the threats of anti-Christian censorship and other free speech violations on the Internet, and especially on communication platforms established by “new media” tech companies in the private sector like Google, Facebook and Apple. The John Milton Project also evaluates the decisions made in the public, governmental sector as well when they infringe the First Amendment rights of citizens on the web.

This project has published a groundbreaking 2011 white paper report, True Liberty in a New Media Age, which explains how some of the policies and practices of new media tech giants have jeopardized fundamental values enshrined in the First Amendment. In 2012, the project released its Free Speech Charter for the Internet, laying out a model to be followed by new media technology and communication companies that can serve the interests of both free speech and free enterprise.  The project regularly conducts public discussions on Capitol Hill and in Washington relating to citizen free speech on the Internet, with past participation that has included present and former Commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission, and national experts from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism,  the Mercatus Center of George Mason University, the Heritage Foundation, the Ethics and Public Policy Center, the American Center for Law and Justice, the Liberty University School of Law, the Alliance Defending Freedom, as well as Congressional staff.

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The Future of Free Speech, Free Press, and Religious Freedom on Facebook, Google, Apple, etc. – A Current Assessment. (October, 2013)

A Free Speech Charter for the Internet (Revised September 20, 2013)

True Liberty in a New Media Age (September 15, 2011)

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