Standing Committees

NRB standing committees are established to advance the overall mission of the NRB and to serve the unique interests of specific constituencies within the NRB family. Among the ways standing committees render valuable and helpful assistance to the NRB is by:

  • Developing educational and training opportunities made available through NRB conventions and other venues.
  • Identifying and developing specific member benefits that will strengthen our members’ ability to fulfill their ministry purpose.
  • Evaluating industry developments, trends and technologies that may impact our members’ ability to fulfill their mission.
  • Providing relevant news and information for inclusion in NRB communication devices to keep our members informed on important matters.

List of Standing Committee Members

Get Involved 

We welcome you to get involved in an NRB Committee, within your area of expertise, whether it be Radio, Television, Internet, Film, Church Media, International, or Intercollegiate.

Our Communities are composed of Committees along with open Advisory Councils, in which all interested parties are encouraged to take part. 

Each Community meets twice a year: at the NRB Convention, and at the Standing Committee and Advisory Council Meetings.

As you participate in an NRB Advisory Council, you’ll provide action-oriented input on:

•    the NRB Convention’s educational sessions
•    your industry’s reception at the NRB Convention
•    the NRB print and electronic communiqués
•    the NRB Media Awards categories and criteria
•    NRB research initiatives
•    NRB membership benefits

Plus, you and your organization will benefit by:

•    interacting with gifted people in your industry
•    networking with a wide cross-section within Christian media
•    developing new leadership skills through growth opportunities

At the annual Advisory Council Meetings, you can give input into how NRB’s committees should serve your industry, even if you’re not yet a member of NRB.

After all, who can better tell us what you and your organization need—than you?

If you are just interested in learning more--contact Judy Stephens at (703) 331-4510, or use this form to submit your inquiry:

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